International Relations

From Obama to Trump to Biden: U.S. Involvement and Policy Tactics in the Yemeni Civil War

by Anthony Choi & Patrick Mahoney About 24 million people are currently in need of help, 100,000 people killed, and 4 million people are left displaced - these numbers represent the hefty cost of a war that has completely enveloped the country of Yemen since 2015. Many Western countries, including the United States, have played key roles in the conflict, and debate over the effectiveness of these efforts has become more widespread as the war has progressed, particularly in the U.S.  The war in Yemen commenced, partly as a result of the political instability in Yemen after the Arab Spring. At the time, then-Vice President Abdrabbuh Mansour Hadi transitioned to the presidency, ending the longtime rule of President Ali Abdullah Saleh. President Saleh was pressured by pro-democ...

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