Hello everyone,

Welcome to The Glatfelter Gazette, a journal established under the Department of Political Science at Gettysburg College. My name is Anthony Choi and I am currently the Editor-in-Chief for the journal. This is a peculiar year, with various changes in the political environment and feelings about the future.

This journal was established with the help of faculty members and students who are currently part of the editorial board. With the political events that are occurring around us in American and international politics, I hope that this journal will provide students the opportunity to analyze current events through research and inform others about them. 

This journal is divided into four sections: American Government, Comparative Politics, Political Theory, and International Relations. You may choose to write a current-event analysis that falls under one of these categories.

The following mentions updates regarding to work submissions and other aspects of the journal, as of October 19th, 2020:

  1. The journal is currently accepting current-event analysis
  2. To simplify the submission process, there will be a Google form that is directly linked to the “Submit Your Work!” page that you can submit. Further instructions (such as requirement for word count) will be displayed on the form.
  3. Please understand that the review process for submissions will be competitive, and therefore, not every submission will get updates or proceed to the editing process. 
  4. Pieces or work that contain political partisanships will not be accepted, as this journal is representative of Gettysburg College’s Department of Political Science.
  5. When you write an analysis, please feel free to utilize academic sources, such as peer-reviewed journals or articles. Please just make sure that you cite them if you decide to do so.
  6. If you plan on adding photos/images/pictures to your analysis, please make sure that you are permitted/allowed to use them (and provide credits when necessary). 
  7. If you’d like to co-author an analysis with someone, please feel free to do so! 
  8. Information on the journal website, such as requirements for work submissions, are subject to change.

Some of the information above will also be available on the “Submit Your Work!” page. Contact information of all the editors is available on the “Editorial Board” page.

If you’d like to engage in political journalism or have free time to spare, I encourage you to write a current-event analysis and submit it to the journal! 

Thank you.

Best Regards,

Anthony Choi (Editor-in-Chief) and the Student Editorial Board

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